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Deputies found them on a website that's supposed to be barred from posting sex's adult services section was shut down, but prostitutes and pimps are finding ways around the rules and posting ads on other parts of the site, through tabs like "dating" and "women seeking men." Those parts of the site are still active. There might be robberies, even a girl might try to take money and run," the deputy said.

The alleged victim has now filed a claim with the U. A spokesman for the University said they received notice of the investigation on July 10 and said they are cooperating with investigators.

The Department of Education also confirms its involvement but said as a matter of policy they can’t comment on any investigation, including this one.

“It seems like they have a lot of preparations to handle it very well,” said Lowry.

And while the victim in this case did report his assault, some experts say that’s not always the case.

She added, "until we go after the demand, it just, really is a revolving door." Mc Daniel said one of the biggest problems is the fact that people who pay for sex are essentially getting away with the crime.

"There has to be a higher penalty than what they’re getting now and a lot of times, they’re not getting anything," she said. works with Delaware County and other agencies on prostitution cases to help find and help victims.

The Indiana Immunization Coalition, which launched a “Beware of B” campaign on college campuses around the state this past year, applauded the State’s action that takes the specific Men B vaccine from just awareness and education to a requirement.

Indiana is the first state in the nation to require students to receive the Men B vaccination.

“That does surprise me, definitely,” said Ball State freshman Mary Lowry.

She said during orientation, Ball State made a big presentation about the importance of preventing and reporting sexual assault, letting new students know how seriously the school takes the issue.

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