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'It wasn't until I was 25, about a decade after Dad had first acknowledged me publicly, that my godfather showed me the letters Spike had written before and after my birth explaining why he couldn't do it before that,' says James.

Margaret, a 23-year- old art student, went to his dressing room to ask if he would help raise funds to make a pilot film for children's TV.

Terrified that knowledge of his adulterous affair and the existence of a love child, conceived while his second wife was dying of cancer, would ruin his BBC career, Spike dared not acknowledge James for several years, until a tabloid newspaper finally exposed the truth.

Ringo Starr recording a Christmas television show with Spike in 1969 What realistic chance does James or, indeed, his half-siblings - who, he says, lost £100,000 on their failed legal challenge to revoke their father's will - have of securing any of the archive? Indeed, all James has to remember his father by are a few gifts.

There is the christening mug Spike sent to his mother following James's birth, a few children's books and a photograph signed: 'Love Dad.' It's not much and perhaps it wouldn't matter so much if James weren't now a father himself.

Spike's three children from his first marriage to June Marlowe - Laura, 55, Sean, 53, and Sile, 48 - and his daughter Jane, 43, from his second marriage to actress Patricia Ridgeway are, so far, maintaining a dignified silence, but James says they will be 'distraught' by the sale of possessions thought to be worth up to £1million.

In 2005, three of his children failed in a legal attempt to revoke their father's will in favour of an earlier one which gave them a share of the £500,000 family home in East Sussex, which has since been sold by Shelagh.

I would hate not to be with my son all the time or to have to leave him.

'My godfather said he waited to show me the letters until I was old enough to understand, but I wish he'd shown them to me sooner because then I might have had a better relationship with Spike.' James recalls how he met Spike for the first time when he was invited to stay at the Milligan family home in Rye when he was 16.

'But that's as much as he can grasp for now.' Robert was born two years after his grandfather - comic genius Spike Milligan - died from kidney failure in 2002 at the age of 83, but in his small way he is learning about his legacy.

Missing out on their true inheritance: James Milligan with son Robert Robert particularly likes a photograph, printed off the internet, of Spike in a bizarre superhero outfit from his cult TV series Q.

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