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United states dating laws

It is advisable that organizations become proactive about the security of their apps and data.Cyber criminals are always on the prowl & are becoming sophisticated in their approach to attack.

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Historically, these young adults could be charged with statutory rape when engaging in a relationship or sexual relations with someone who is technically under the age of consent.

For more than a decade, cyber security has been a concern for the government and private sector alike.

The growth in Information Technology and E-commerce sector in the United States have given rise to cyber crimes, causing a huge loss to the US government and its people.

Data breaches have gained more attention due to the impact of digitization on financial, healthcare, SMEs and other industries. increased from 157 million in 2005 to 781 million in 2015, while the number of exposed records jumped from around 67 million to 169 million during the same time frame.

Even though data breaches occurred way before digitization took the world by storm, but the popularity of the digital platforms gave a new dimension to these breaches as the importance, volume, and cost of the data breaches have increased considerably. In 2016, the number of data breaches in the United States amounted to 1093 with close to 36.6 million records exposed.

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