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Updating old plywood doors

I LOVE my desk chair (See it HERE.), but it is going to be a bit more work to redo and doesn’t go too well with the desk at the moment. I didn’t want you to see the feature wall yet so I moved it here for photos. Oh and here is a peek at the curtains I chose for this room: I also chose these for the dining room. In person, they have a pretty silver thread that runs though them that was hard to capture in photos. In the mean time, check out what my friends have been up to!

This is how I am going to redo all the dining room chairs though. I’m hoping to share a sneak peek of it on Thursday! The pretty florally print ones I shared a peek of not too long ago were just too skimpy at the windows. I still need to add the quarter round trim in both rooms.

The room had no closet, and the previous homeowner installed closet rods above the sub-panel, so the panel was blocked by hanging clothes.

Many years ago (the 1950's or early 60's) the house had been divided into two apartments, and the wiring was partially updated at that time.

A subsidiary panel was installed on the second-floor to service the upstairs apartment.

It is not exactly what one would call trash, but it was showing its wear for sure. It originally started out like this before I painted it several years ago: Then I painted it in Behr’s Cottage White back in 2013: But more recently it was looking a little worse for wear: And it really needed a refresh to go with my new office space. If you look in the reflection of the computer screen, you can see I still have a few boxes stacked in the corner of my office!

When I was completely done and setting it up for photos, I was trying to decide what to put in the upper cabinets.

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[See Tools and Materials] [Add your comments below the article] In a small house, it's easy and inexpensive to place a main breaker panel in the basement, garage or hallway, and then run wires to each part of the house for the individual circuits.

In larger houses (and most commercial buildings), it's common to have a high-capacity main breaker panel that supplies power to several subsidiary electrical panels (commonly called sub-panels) located closer to the individual circuits.

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