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Who is yvonne nelson dating now

If I go out with a date, it doesn’t cost the man money.

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It was gathered that Alex is sneaking into the country, not only to shoot movies but to hang out with Yvonne.NEXT WEEK The first reaction of the husband was to dismiss the video as fake and a lurid attempt to embarrass him and his family, but on a closer examination, and seeing clearly the face of his wife, in various stages of intimacy with a strange man, he was seized by shock and revulsion.He could not believe that the wife he married, and who bore him four children could betray her marital vows in such a public and embarrassing manner.That is the exact opposite of what and who I am – so when the time is right for me to get married, God will bring that guy to me.“ ‘No problem with Jackie’ Some years ago, it was widely reported that Yvonne was banned from Gallywood and Nollywood for one year due to her alleged rift and diva attitude toward fellow Ghanaian actress – Jackie Appiah –an actress she is said to be engaged in a fight of supremacy with.As actress Yvonne Nelson is currently shooting a movie in Nigeria, she posted photos from the set where she and handsome looking Nigerian actor, Alex Ekubo, are in bed together. captioned the photo in which they eyed and gelled together as a couple.According to sources, apart from being together on the movie set, they sure do have a thing going on for them as they hardly leave each other's side. I asked Yvonne what was the status of her relationship with Jackie.In a body language that showed she was weary of being thought to entertain animosity towards Jackie, she said: “I don’t have problems with Jackie Appiah at least any that I know of.Concerning my request to be accorded same treatment as Jackie Appiah, that again is misleading and untrue.I think I have worked hard enough and established enough bonafides to have certain things I need in the industry without having to make an issue out of those demands.

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