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At this point, Liz's party actually gets interesting.

A last plotline for "Lee Marvin" focuses on Twofer getting fed up with his status on The Girly Show's staff largely being the result of his race rather than his ability.

Tracy helps out with his efforts to gain respect and while this entire plot isn't given more than a few minutes of screen time it also doesn't wear out its welcome.

We all know how trying to balance these triangles ends, and so does the show, and it subverts expectations by... In a twist that may be easily overlooked, Jack has no negative consequences for his philandering ways and things fail to resolve.

Even more importantly, 30 Rock truly revels in the silliness of this sort of nonsensical plot.

Doubtfire Shimself."Come to think of it, I saw a white judge on Law and Order last night.""Peanut butter and Miller High Life is the best flavor ever."-The Disney princess thing forgets about Hercules and its white princess Megara.

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Failure."This is one of the only restaraunts with a veal tank.""The last time I used a birth control device it was the 70s and it looked like a soap on a rope."-Will Ferrell as a "Bitch Hunter" is a show I wouldn't miss ---------------------------"I haven't seen your brow that furrowed since you saw Helen Mirren in a bikini" -The "fresh" NBC logo is wonderfully awful.

"There ain't no party like a Liz Lemon party cause a Liz Lemon party is mandatory." "The secret service never gave me back my t-shirt cannon." "I am innoventing...

Louisville's culinary star has risen, and risen, and generally bewildered culinary astronomers with its greatness -- but it didn't get there on its own.

This leads him to actually caring about a janitorial issue that he'd otherwise ignore entirely.

The janitorial shift business is something I really want to like.

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